Quick update on the Witness Pi pre-orders.

Quick update on the Witness Pi pre-orders.

By Sandro Lorenz of GuldenStore.eu:

We wanted to give you a little update regarding the Raspberry’s. The whole first batch is sold out! While we are excitingly waiting for pow2, we are working on a second batch for pre-orders.

Me and @Richard gladly took it upon us to help the community with these Raspberry’s that will provide a cheap and stable way of witnessing.

After paying all the expenses like VAT, the separate parts etc, there is close to nothing left for our work and that’s OK because it’s a pleasure helping everybody.
But we decided that after Pow2 is up and running we will raise the prices with 10 euro so we can give @bastijn a regular donation for making the software and a bit for our work as well.

But for now we just keep going and you can still place your pre-order. For people that need the extra space, we added a 32GB version as well. Also for the ones that already have a Raspberry laying around we also added separate pre installed SD-cards.

Take care

Sandro Guldenstore.eu
Richard Gulden-shop.nl

I really have the feeling :pow2: is gonna be here ‘soon’ 🙂

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