Update: Gulden Trade Ticker

Update: Gulden Trade Ticker

Edwin Vriethoff proudly released version of the Gulden Trade Ticker.

Gulden Trade Ticker is a smart Microsoft Windows ticker for the Bittrex and Nocks exchanges. Whatever you are doing, the live Gulden price is always visible on your screen. With the new version both Nocks and Bittrex prices are visible in the same tracker now. It is recommended to un-install the previous versions first, before installing the new one. 

Edwin:”I made the Gulden Trade ticker out of my enthusiasm for the digital Gulden. After buying my first Guldens, I quickly came into contact with the Gulden community on Slack. Since the value of Gulden is determined by supply and demand and therefor volatile, one would like to follow the price action. As I am a software developer I decided to develop an application that made it possible, at all times, to follow the Gulden rate on a computer. Now, one year later, support for the new Nocks NLG-EUR exchange has been added. There will always be an unique Gulden only edition specifically focused and attuned to the Gulden community.

Trade Ticker release-notes
-Improved application initialization.
-Rate indicators by default will update the higher or lower indicator based on crossing the average rate of the last x minutes.
-Added a crypto price calculator for quick and easy calculations between altcoin, BTC and FIAT currencies, powered by CoinMarketCap.
-Implemented asynchronous network requests and loading screens to prevent interface lockups.-Alert icon has been moved to the right side of the ticker. The active trading-pair indicator is now always visible.
-The alert info message now includes information of the price change.
-Price change direction for an alert can now be specified.
-Last triggered alert info message can also be seen in the alert management window.
-Alerts can now be managed for multiple trading-pairs.
-Insert the current price with a right mouseclick in the alert editor.
-New session mode in the timeline view to generate graphs for price data collected since application launch.
-Added tooltip information to provide extra info about the current visible trading-pair.
-Reopening an already loaded window refreshes to the active trading pair.
-Added api support for multiple cryptocurrency exchanges.

Gulden Trade Ticker is completely free! No hidden costs or advertising. Of course you can support development by making a donation.

Download Gulden Trade Ticker from https://gulden.tradeticker.net

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